School on Lease Module


Learning Heights is known for executing the policies and uplifting the academic for the associate school project through its various value addition and experience-based offering while foreseeing the anticipated hurdles. Learning Heights would work closely with the promoters of school in conceptualizing and establishing the.


Learning Heights


Education India has a multi-disciplinary group of professionals dedicated solely to the development of facilities for Indian Schools.  



Innovation in 21st century school concepts


 Collaborations are vital part of all we do


Our attitude to learn, un-learn and re-learn


        Speed in Communications


School Affiliation with CBSE/ICSE/IGCSE is a cumbersome procedure involving numerous compliances. It needs to be done under expert supervision since even one little mistake on part of the applicant can hinder the procedure for getting the affiliation.


Academic Partnership

ü Worksheets

ü Academic Audit

ü Annual Plans

ü Time Table

ü Curriculum Development

ü Teacher’s Training

ü Social Media Promotion

ü Strategies for increasing Admission


ü Seminars for Parents

School on Lease

ü  The ownership of the school remains with your Trust or Society

ü  All
the Academic & Financial Management of your school is done by us.

ü  You
don’t have any headache of running the school.

ü  You
get Rent every month for your school.

ü  The
Rent increases every 3 years.

CBSE Affiliation

  ü  Visiting Schools

  ü  Preparing Files

  ü  Filling the application form

  ü  Assisting in Inspections

  ü  MOU


  ü  All process is done by us





We are not authorised or
appointed by any board. We never claim that we bring the affiliation with any
sort of dealing with any office. We just assist the school for being prepared
for the affiliation process.  


The Team You Get From

Learning Heights



As we are a team of highly experienced and trained professionals, we offer a variety of services to the educational organizations wherein the organizations have to engage the number of teaching, non-teaching, and professional staff to accomplish and even need to hire the professionals and spend a lot of money for marketing.




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